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Best play ever? pt2: The Tempest (Almeida 2000)

In 2000 the Almeida Theatre was scheduled for a complete refit inside and out. Seizing the moment they staged The Tempest in the wreckage - it was stunning.

The storm at the beginning saw thousands of gallons of water pouring straight down onto the actors' heads, leaving a half-drowned bombsite. Ariel (Aiden Gillen - Littefinger from GoT) made his entrances from the dressing room via and underwater tunnel, magically arising from the pool. Similary to exit he would dive in and just disappear.

Ian McDiarmid (*sigh* Emperor Palpatine) was mesmerising as Prospero, speaking the verse as if it was his natural language and the whole production fizzed with a claustrophobic magic. Totally unforgettable- and we only went on a total whim.

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