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Best play ever? pt5: The Encounter

I booked this on a total whim - I'd always heard great things about Complicite and Simon McBurney in particular and it menitoned in the blurb that it was storytelling using technology. The event itself left me literally speechless for ages!

It was the travelogue of a journalist visiting a remote Amazonian tribe - quite dry one might have thought but somehow using a binaural microphone and everyday props McBurney totally immersed you in the suffocating halluinatory cloud of the rainforest as you listened through headphones. Unsettling, enthralling, even frightening at times, the effect was heightened strangely by the occasional interruption of his son in their north London home as he told the story. And by the end of the piece you were left drained, thrilled and somehow elevated. It was simply wonderful and unlike anything I'd ever experienced before.

And the brilliant news is that you can experience it too between 15 and 22 May as it will be streamed free on the Complicite youtube channel

. Get your headphones ready and DO NOT MISS IT!

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