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Minding your P's and Q's

At Best we insist on courtesy – saying please and thank you and respecting the work of everyone around you. For those thinking of a career on the stage there are few more valuable lessons to learn.

We were absolutely proud to bursting of our cast of The Boy Preference (picture below) who were selected to appear at the National Theatre in 2015. Their behaviour was exemplary and the staff at the NT were full of praise for them and in return worked wonders with us to get the show on stage successfully.

Contrary to what you might hear, diva-like behaviour is, thankfully, rare in the theatre and gets short shrift from stage crew, support staff and other cast members. News of bad behaviour travels fast and it is such a shame to hear that someone who skills you hold in high regard is unable to match that quality in their dealings with colleagues.

The golden rule is – when given a call, a prop or any other support from crew, say ‘thank you’. And when seeking assistance, always say ‘please’. Yes I know this should apply in all walks of life but perhaps it is even more noticeable in theatre.

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