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Our National Theatre Adventure: pt3

Annette and I went to meet the National Theatre team who would be helping us. We were somewhat taken aback to find around 30 people in the meeting! Costume, lighting, set, stage management, health and safety etc etc. But we were well prepared and all was well. Of course our little set needed a radical upscale!

On a return visit they showed us the huge drops they had created in the workshop - a wow moment if ever there was one.

The day before the show the cast were invited to London for a day of workshops at the National Theatre. The energy and excitement was just extraordinary and something I will never forget. And in the evening the cast strolled down the South Bank - it was a balmy summer's evening and a happier team of people you could never hope to meet.

The dress rehearsal was fantastic - Christabel was invited to call the show and spent a day tgraining with the NT stage management team and Jack got to work with multi-BAFTA winning lighting designer Paule Constable no less (he would later be invited back to spend more time with the National Team).

And the show passed in a flash. Rapturous applause, huge pride, a full house! It felt like all of St Albans was there to cheer them on.

And that was it - the end of a fantastic journey that no-one involved will ever forget.

For a sneaky peek at the show go here...

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