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Programme notes...

When a theatre ends a run of performances and has nothing on stage immediately to follow it is said to be ‘Going Dark’. There has never been a more apt term!

It seems incredible that only two days ago we at Best were celebrating with our teachers, our students and their families the fabulous performances of ‘Sunlight’ at the Sandpit Theatre. Now here we are with all classes cancelled and our Hertford school’s performance at the Hertford Theatre postponed and no real idea when things will be coming back. Like a nervous first-nighter we are waiting in the wings for a cue but without knowing when it will come.

So to keep everyone’s theatre muscles in trim we’re going to post a short daily blog looking at aspects of theatre life, practice, superstition, terminology and performance. We will also set fun weekly tasks/competitions for budding thespians.

And this is it – ‘Waiting in the Wings’

Let us know if there’s anything you’d like us to cover and we’ll do our best. And of course we’d love your comments too!

#WaitingintheWings #BestTheatreArts

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