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So near and yet so far...

In 2018 Best's youth theatre group TheBYTE rejoined the National Theatre Connections programme and chose 'These Bridges' by Phoebe Eclair-Powell.

The play imagines London after a massive flood where dead bodies still float in the Thames and people on each bank grow suspicious of each other. Some young people resolve to see what lies on the other side...

Directed by Lisa Schulberg and Dawn Hudson the play was an immensely physical ensemble work that required precision and total teamwork. The result was simply breathtaking and brought tears of wonder to my eyes.

We felt it was strong, our NT assessor said as much after our transfer to Arts Depot in Finchley and we had real hopes it might follow The Boy Preference to the Dorfman. It's such a shame it didn't.

Judge for yourselves - here is the show in all it's glory, filmed at The Maltings Arts Theatre. I think it's the strongest show we've ever produced. Enjoy!

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