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The lockdown story so far

How are you all doing out there?

I don't think we've ever been busier here at Best HQ; finding new ways to communicate with people, developing new online classes and channels to bring some fun and excitement to our network etc etc.

We have so far…

· Had a ‘SingalongaBest!’ project where the children filmed themselves singing one of our songs and we created a video mashup – it was brilliant! Here it is… Next is ‘Singalongabard!’ which has just started. Similar concept except a bit more serious!

· We are running free sessions for toddlers (BestBeans) on Tuesdays and Fridays at 11am – open to everyone (

· We are running free sessions for ages 3 to 6 years on Saturday mornings at 11am (First Class Online) – we even have children in China tuning in for this!

· We are launching a week long course for ages 6 to 16 next week – Best Academy Online – where we will work with our students to devise an online ‘experience’ – a play/film with songs and dances using the limitations of the available media to our advantage (e.g. it will be about everyone being stuck in a little box around the universe). Open to everyone.

· We are also launching a week long course for ages 3 to 6 next week where we use a favourite book as a basis for storytelling, singing, dancing and craft. This week it’s ‘Room on the (virtual) Broom - Open to everyone

· We have held a ‘Would I Lie To You’ session with our youth theatre group – brilliant fun. This is continuing with Play Reading sessions, Monologues, self-taping etc.

· Last Sunday we held an open Masterclass for anybody thinking of applying to Drama School – there will be further Masterclasses

· We launched a separate website ( publishing daily blogs of interest to our students

· We will shortly be making available our archive of all our videos and highlight songs from our 22 years (when I can get them all together)

· We are sending out links to anything we think might be of interest to parents and the students (such as where to go for streamed plays, other people holding quality workshops etc)

So we are doing what we can and it’s fair to say we have never worked harder! This stuff is all new to us and we have to make it up as we go along.

Any suggestions...?

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